VIP Member Opening - Prestigious corner special for VIP members

Destiny Love is one of the pre-eminent and professional matching service provider in Hong Kong.  We have a clear vision and throughout the company's four years of history, we continue to strive the successful case and playing an important role to support member's deman particulary during diffcult time when seeking for love.  Our crew at Destiny Love are all committed to work together with this moral purpose from what us do.  

Here is the icon member listing to let the newcomers who can met our VIP member's expectation, indeed to open a channel to solicit some potential visitor which transform from seek to love.

Destiny Love would appreciate for any matching company who would interest for cross-matching with its member, we will provide compensation as gesture for any successful matches made.  Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for detail. 

Location:  CN - China  / HK - Hong Kong  / MO - Macau / JP - Japan /  NZ - New Zealand  / US - USA

Post Date. Status Member No               Age Range Member Description Occupation Sex  Location  
20 May 14 Opening VIP4182                       25-30 Nice attitude Admin F HK  
20 May 14 Opening VIP4181                       35-40 Introverted Executive F HK  
20 May 14 Opening VIP4180                       45-50 Talkable and nice attitude Sole Proprietor M HK  
20 May 14 Opening VIP4179                       40-45 Serious to love Shipping F HK  
13 Feb 14 Opening VIP4178                        35-40 Introverted but nice attitude Civil Servant M HK  
28 Jan 14 Opening VIP4177                        35-40 Charming and Elegant Education F HK  
28 Jan 14 Opening VIP8145                        40-45 Introverted but nice attitude Accountant M HK  
28 Jan 14 Opening VIP1011                        30-35 Looking for a HK man Admin F CN  
28 Jan 14 Opening VIP3033                        40-45 Introverted but serious to love Admin M HK  
28 Jan 14 Opening VIP8002                        50-55 Mature, Pragmatic Accountant M HK  
27 Jan 14 Succeed VIP1100                        30-35 Nice attitude Admin F HK  
27 Jan 14 Opening VIP1111                        60-65 NZ Citizen, gentleman Retired NZ Citizen M NZ  
27 Jan 14 Opening VIP4089                        40-45                      Decent, nice attitude Admin F HK  
27 Jan 14 Opening VIP4136                        45-48    Humble, serious to love Civil Servant F HK  
27 Jan 14 Opening VIP4171                        35-38 Nice lady Admin F HK  

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