Personal Data Setting


Destiny Love Company Limited collect personal information and purpose of the method is to be legal and comply with regulatory requirement of Hong Kong or any other applicable jurisdication include disclosure or notification requirement.  Destiny Love Company Limited was collected the data only be used for following purposes:

  1. For internal analysis and appraisal to decide whether arrange appointment could made between member and any suitable candidates

  2. Match with member and suitable candidate based on the information given by member

          (Through Email, phone, fax or others to contact member)

  1. Execute and response from member's instruction, response to member's enquiries/feedback

  2. Destiny Love Company Limited will release information according to member's authority to:

    1. Any potential candidates approved by Destiny Love Company Limited

    2. Need to know basis,internal department/organization of Destiny Love Company Limited

    3. Body corporate or individual organization approved by Destiny Love Company Limited with confidential basis

    4. All regulated agency, body corporate, authorizer approved by Destiny Love Company Limited

    5. ISP, server provider, manage and execute of telecommunication company approved by Destiny Love Company Limited

    6. Any body corporate or individual who execute service with regulatory binding approved by Destiny Love Company Limited

    7. Anyone who execute all the terms approve by Destiny Love Company Limited

    8. To proceed each procedure and ensure all personal information are correct/delete old entries by Destiny Love Company Limited

    9. Member are able to correct all the personal information provide to Destiny Love Company Limited

    10. For any personal information change, please email to : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    11. Web pageview are for reference only and cannot be identified to the browsers by Destiny Love Company Limited





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